Living in an RNA world

Transfer ribonucleic acid of yeast. 3D molecular structure Usage: Marketing DMS (2017) Publikationsname / Publikationsnummer / E-Tag TT.MM.JJJJ (optional) *** Local Caption *** © Leonid Andronov / The central dogma postulates that genes are first copied into messenger RNAs, which are then decoded into proteins with the help of transfer RNAs and ribosomal RNAs. […]

Why not all gulls eat fish and chips

It is well established that sea gulls can profit from human food sources but at what cost? In this blog Susanne van Donk, corresponding author of a new articlepublished in Movement Ecology explores what influences foraging decisions in herring gulls. Susanne van Donk 13 Jun 2019 Picture 1. A pair of herring gulls That gulls profit from foods of […]

Short History of Biology Development

By the beginning of the XIX century, some modern biological branches, such as botany and zoology, had reached the professional level. Lavoisier and other chemists and physicists began a rapprochement of the concepts of animate and inanimate nature. Naturalists, such as Alexander von Humboldt, discovered the interaction of organisms with the surrounding and its dependence […]

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